Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Kids are Cute

I know ... we all think our kids are cute, but really sometimes I look at Matt and Chloe and am blown away by how beautiful they are.
At first I thought they looked alike, but as my friend told me, babies change every day, and really every day I see something different in Chloe. I'm still not so sure that she looks like someone in particular. Maybe she will - who knows.
As for Matthew. He's 4 now. Insane, I know. And, he's such a little boy. Even last year I could see the baby in him, but now I just see the kid.

Matthew Gardening

Our Happy Baby

And what other excitement is going on at our house? Let's see. Our street has been completely ripped up and we're getting new watermains. Exciting, no? It is to 4 year old boys, husbands and local highschool students who sit and watch the construction. Even a class of daycare kids came to see the action today.
Actually, it's kind of interesting to have all sorts of construction people right outside my door. It's quite fascinating to watch the whole process. And it sure beats a water main breaking and flooding my basement!


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Ok, tell me that adorable little smile is gas and not actually a smile! How cute is she?!
I cannot believe Doodle is already 4! INSANE!

Steph said...

They are gorgeous! Glad to read that things are going well.

Amy said...

How cute are Doodle's shades? Adorable! And that little smile on Chloe's face, ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

I can hardly wait to see them both, and of course yourself and Mike Saturday!!!!

citygirl said...

Aww I love the pics of the kiddies. Chloe's expression is just priceless!

We had our waterpipes replaced last summer and it was quite interesting to watch!

ps Have I mentioned that I miss you? Nobody here is as cool as you!

Skittle said...

They are beautiful! I'm glad you are doing well.

Karen MEG said...

They are gorgeous kids ... both beautiful shots, but I especially like the one of baby girl. So sweet!

Haley-O said...

Awwww, the smile, the SMILE!!! Beautiful!!! I'm so happy to hear (and see) it's all going GREAT!!!