Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow SNOW

Tonight was the perfect night to make the fist snowman of the season.

That's Mr. Snowman to you!

Matt informed us that this means Santa is soon on his way. It's true. One more week of work/daycare and then it's time for Santa. I think I'm almost as excited as Matthew is.

PS Santa is still looking for a RED Light Sabre ... any ideas? (I have it on good authority that he was only able to find purple and green!)


AndreAnna said...

We only got cold, cold rain. Wish it were snow.

And I'm going shopping tomorrow night to the toy stores around here. If I see a red light saber, want me to pick it up for you to mail out?

Kerry J. said...

"I'll wash my hair with snow...." Such a great song - I assume the song is what your title is referring to? If so, I watched that movie last weekend while crafting and will be watching it this weekend while baking! If you need to get away, you're welcome to join me!

Badness Jones said...

Great Snowman! The Princess was so excited to make a snowman this year....I totally misled her last year when Bad was a snow play at all. Bad Mommy.

Amy said...

Try the toy store at Vaughan Mills if you feel like braving the crowds.
Otherwise I'll keep my eyes open for one for him when I'm out wandering.
Adorable snowman! :)

MandyPoo said...

Good's still in the 70's here in Georgia!!!

Haley-O said...

Love the snowman! And, look at you! GORJ!!!!