Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Great news!!!
Our house now smells like pine. We got our Christmas tree yesterday.
We didn't exactly go to a tree farm. We went to Ikea. But, what's not to love about a $20 tree? Especially when you get a gift certificate for $20 (with a minimum purchase) for the New Year.
I love it!
Unfortunately I've discovered that I have a new bizarre allergy to trees! Seriously. My allergies go into overdrive when I'm pregnant. After sitting in the living room with my new tree for 10 minutes and going through 10 kleenex, I realized that there better be some Benadryl in my stocking!!!!
We're actually doing really well when it comes to Christmas stuff. We have bought most of our gifts. We just have stockings to go. And a light Sabre. (why is my 3 year old suddenly obsessed with Star Wars??)
It's beginning o look like christmas at our house!


LoriD said...

I love the Ikea ads for the trees!

Way to go on the Christmas shopping. I put a good dent in it today, but will likely still be working at it the weekend before Christmas!

I saw light sabres today at Winners - didn't notice the price though.

Don Mills Diva said...

I love the $20 Ikea trees. Thanks for coming by my blog - I'm glad to have discovered yours.