Friday, November 09, 2007

Help! Do you think the Outfit Works?

I'm beyond excited ...
Guess what happens at 4:30 today? That's right - I have a hair appointment with my beloved hairstylist, Bill.
(recognize him?)
You may know him from Cityline!
I know, trust me, I know. Most people don't make a huge deal about seeing their stylist. But, I do. I'm crazy that way, I guess, but I really really love going. And, since it's beyond expensive I can't go nearly as often as I would like.
But, it's worth it every time I go.
I've been to different stylists. I've tried saving money. But let's be honest. When you find someone who boosts your spirits and makes you feel beautiful and lovely and like yourself it is worth every penny. And trust me - it's a lot of pennies.
I'll admit, I spend a lot of time planning these appointments. I need to decide on my outfit. That alone takes days. I seek advice. I read fashion magazines. I go shopping.
That's hard enough on a normal day. Hello. Pregnant. Do you know how much stress I've been under? I had to plan an outfit that looks cool and sexy and yet makes me look like a glowing, happy and not huge pregnant woman.
Bill has never seen me pregnant. Not that he'll judge. Still.
I've tried on many outfits.
The good news is that I won't have to suck in my stomach. That's fun!
And, the other good news (which makes all this outfit planning a little silly) is that of course you wear a gown/robe thing when you go there. So, it's not like it matters that much. But, really, there is the whole entrance and exit to worry about!
I finally settled on a nice tealish shirt with a black shirt underneath and some jeans. I'm currently debating between two pairs of jeans. I think if worse comes to worse I may bring both pairs of jeans to work and ask my fashion conscious collegues to help me decide.
Why not?
I did ask Mike's opinion but his opinion is solely based on which pair is more flattering to my butt. And, though that is a consideration there is more to fashion than just that.
And the purse. Because this shirt is a bluish teal (not greenish) I am using my current favourite red purse. I debated whether it was too much. But, I'm loving the colour. The jeans I've settled on are skinny jeans that sort of bunch at the bottom. So, do I wear red heels (very '80's) or do I go with the flat black boot? Or the black boot with a heel?
Here is a picture of the outfit. I need shoe help. (And this is not a flattering pic, by the way)
Red Heel
Silver Flat
Black Flat Boot (under pants)
Black heel boot (under pants)


AndreAnna said...

If the red matches the bag, I say go for it!

If not, black heel boot.

I hate flats but thats because I have a complex where I feel like I waddle.

Steph said...

Oh- Bill Rowley! I do recognize him and he's awesome! CityLine Friday sometimes freaks me out because years ago all of the stylists used to cut everyone's hair short no matter what...but I guess if you're going to be on tv they don't want folks like me who are scared and always want a little trim!

Amy said...

I'd go with the black flat. Flats are uber-stylish right now and it will pick up the accent of your black top under the teal.
It'll also mean that the only red if the purse, which, because I'm such a purse addict myself, is definately something that needs proper attention paid to it! :)

Tee hee hee! Have fun!!!!

Karen MEG said...

I was wondering what Bill day was - THAT Bill! That's exciting, he's you're regular stylist? I bet he costs a pretty penny, but worth it; probably even to chat, I find he's a riot.
So back to the question, I think I'd go with either the black boot or the heel. I agree with Amy that that smashing red bag would look great all on its own.
I'm very pumped for you! I can't wait to see after pix. That colour teal looks great on you and the "bump" too!
Have a great day!

Haley-O said...

Oooo! LOVE the bag -- 'specially with the teal shirt! You look GORJ!!! I think you should go with something black on your footsies. Otherwise you'll take away from the TRES HOTT effect of the bag.....

Have fun! And, trust me.... Don't cut too much off!!!!! ;)

kate said...

This is unusual for me to be telling you ...since you usually tell me! Black for sure. The red purse is fantastic on its own! Say hi to Bill for me!

lettuce said...

I know all about the $$$ in getting your hair done but it's WORTH IT. I've tried to save or change salons and it just ends in disaster and unhappiness. So I just go as long as I can without an appointment. Treat yourself well - you deserve it!

Kristen said...

oooh gorgeous! Love the bag! and I say black heal boot. I love to sit in the stylist's chair in my highest heals;)

infectiouslaughter said...

i agree with most who have commented... black heel boots