Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Crazy Day

Ever have one of those days?
Not bad, pretty good, but crazy? That was my day yesterday.
It started by making fluffernutters for breakfast and got crazier from there.

First let's discuss my outfit, shall we? I like this dress. I think. But, Mike thinks it makes me look super pregnant. (I'm 18 weeks ... I have a ways to go)

And the other stuff ...

I got stopped in the bathroom at work by a lovely lady who wanted to discuss my pregnancy. Apparently my facial structure has changed and is thinner, and therefore I am having a girl. Nice - on both accounts. I like a thinner face, and a girl would be nice.
However, I was just told by someone else that I am definitely carrying a boy.
The inner psychic comes out in people.
No, it won't be a surprise. But no, I do not know yet.

What else was there? Well, let's see - the regularly scheduled conference call I had this morning (that I maybe double booked assuming it would be short) was the longest conference call ever. And, I surprised myself by understanding every single part of the call (it was technical - I'm becoming web savvy. ooooh!)
And, then I got off the call only to find out in a further e-mail that one of my favourite technical people I work with is helping me with this project ... yay!

And then. We have a rewards program at my office - you get a card where you are congratulated on a job well done. These are few and far between. The source of the card surprised me. And I was flattered. So I sent a thank you e-mail. And, the response I got was so kind. I was called a team player. It's funny because if I had to pick one person who I thought wasn't that impressed with my work I would pick this person. And surprise - I was wrong.
But there's more - someone also today told me that I looked good pregnant. This - on a day where I was feeling kind of gross.

And, then the day ended with an e-mail from a friend from highschool. She had read on my blog (she reads my blog? Hi Jen) that I'm going to Florida in the summer, and she lives near where we will be. And she wants to go for coffee. I'm thrilled, but also amazed. I would never have thought that when I go to Florida I will be able to keep up with a long lost friend. And, what is memorable about this friend? Well, let's just say she introduced me to eyebrow waxing! Truly truly appreciated, my friend. Truly.

And tomorrow - Bill Day! Yippee


AndreAnna said...

Sounds like a pretty good day overall. I mean, it DID start with fluffernutters so you started the day out perfect!! :)

LoriD said...

Well I think the dress looks lovely - you can definitely see the baby bump, but that's a good thing! And, YAY on the rewards card!

lettuce said...

I have to say I agree that you are looking great - pregnancy is definitely agreeing with you!

Kristen said...

You have the Cutest baby bump! and Yay for you for all the positive at work, sounds great.
Oh, I am updating my blog links on my site today and am adding yours if that is okay?

kate said...

I think you are looking great these days with just a little bump proving you are pregnant.
Yea YOU for getting a card - especially from someone you least expected it from!

Karen MEG said...

That's a great day! And I love that little baby bump on you. Maternity wear is so hot now (I'm assuming it's maternity?) almost worth it to get pregnant again. Almost.

Jenn said...

You know it's funny, I saw your profile pic and it thought, "those are some nice eyebrows!"

Laural Dawn said...

Jenn - do you remember the birthday party when we all had our eyebrows waxed? I am forever indebted!!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Love the dress!

FENICLE said...

I saw when you're pregnant - you're pregnant. Wear it like you own it girl!

Jenn said...

Yep I remember that. I also remember my male friends wondering why they weren't invited. I had to explain to them about the eyebrow waxing. :o

Teena said...

You look great :)