Monday, September 10, 2007

What would YOU do?

On the weekend I went to a garage sale.
It was great.
My nieces are really into Polly Pocket, and a family was selling about 3 or 4 Polly Pocket sets for $10. I was totally excited. I scooped up the box and off we went.
They were a really nice family. They threw in extra toys for free. They even helped my son catch some bugs in a bug catcher we were buying. So this was Saturday.
On Sunday Matthew and I met my sister's family for coffee and breakfast at this little bakery we go to. We brought all the Polly Pockets in and set everything up on one of the tables. (It's a really big space, and the staff had no problem with this).
The coolest of all was a Polly Pocket "Snow Cool Hotel". This thing is really neat. It's got a hotel and a little store and a snow hill where the dolls ski down.

And it's got a working skating rink. That's right. The skating rink works. How? With Magnets.
And, the entire time we were all enthralled with this hotel we didn't think anything about the magnets. It was pretty cool making little tiny dolls skate. (Admittedly, I think my sister, brother-in-law and I were more into this than the kids).
And then today my sister called me.
You know the magnets that make the thing so cool. They are lethal. This playset has been recalled! Just to be clear - I don't blame the family who sold it. The woman teaches grade one and was super nice. I'm guessing she didn't know.
Neither did I!
The playset currently resides in my parents' basement. We often bring over toys for the kids to have there.
So, now my sister and I are debating. The truth is - the magnets are in the skates so we could just take them away. Or supervise. We really like the toy.
But, then, if we return it we'll get more money back which we could totally put towards something safer. Plus, we'll have essentially made money on a garage sale toy. I sort of feel bad about that. But, not really.
And then there's the bother. I don't really think that the kids will swallow the magnets. I think we're pretty safe. But, there's always the chance...
I don't know.
What would you do?
I have to admit, now that I've written this out I'm probably going to call my mom to tell her - and we'll return it.
But, thinking of all the little pieces .... It will take hours!!!


Terri said...

I have to say, although not in your shoes totally, that I would return it. Why not? You bought it. And well, it's not safe. I am sure you cant imagine what it would be like if one of the little ones did swallow it. Good Luck!

Teena said...

You can tell I'm not a mom cuz I had no idea about Polly Pocket! Ha!

I'd be inclined to return it to the manufacturer, get the $$ and buy the kids something cool but safe. Or perhaps donate the $$ to a children's charity.

AndreAnna said...

I'm so lazy with returning stuff, it would stay in the basement until I forgot about it and then sold it to another family in 15 years at a garage sale. LOL.

MandyPoo said...

I don't know why or how...but as I was reading that you bought the Polly Pocket sets I was thinking "weren't those things recalled?" I have no clue why I knew that...

LoriD said...

We have a giant bucket of Polly Pockets waiting for me to decide its fate. Lazy me says the same as you... she's not likely to eat the magnets or lick the paint (I think the lead paint was an issue on these as well). Opportunistic me says I can get some money back AND be rid of these stupid little dolls with teeny tiny rubber clothes. Lazy me is winning out right now.

kate said...

Having spent a day in the hospital last May with many nurses and doctors they told me that they get people in all the time who have things caught in their throat and it is not pleasant for the patient. Sooo..... I'd be inclined to return them and ensure the safety of the kids in my newly set up "play room" downstairs! Kate - aka grandma

Rae said...

Returning the toys would also send a message to the manufacturer that they should inspect their toys and have better controls. The more money they lose on this, the better.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Don't let the kids play with them unsupervised.

I became acquainted with Polly Pocket when my then 18 month old goddaughter put a tennis racket the size of a pinky fingernail in her mouth.

I told her to cough it up and she did... luckily she did it when someone was around.