Friday, September 14, 2007

And She's Off ...

I know a lot of us have dreams and plans and hopes growing up.
I can remember all the things I wanted to do - for a long time I wanted to be a veterinarian. Some of my friends wanted to be fire fighters or doctors or pilots or teachers. Some of us changed plans (cause, you know, I didn't go past grade 9 science - I'm not a vet), and some people had their plans changed for them.
But, one of my friends has always had a plan to be an actor.
I've known her about 6 years - we met fresh out of university. We were both pursuing careers. It always amazed me when this friend of mine would talk.
She is a good actor, but she doesn't fit the cookie-cutter stereotype of being size 0 and having long blonde hair.
She's unique.
And she's good.
And she hasn't given up. Ever. For years she's been going to auditions, and making a living, as an actor. She doesn't exactly have a star on Canada's Walk of Fame (yet), but she's slowly making a name for herself. I've turned on the tv a few times lately and said "hey! It's Stef!"
As she's plugged away she's gotten somewhere. And it's exciting.
And even more exciting ... on Sunday she leaves for LA, to meet an agent thanks to a recommendation from someone who lives in LA. You know, someone who recognized her talents and is helping her get somewhere.
I couldn't be prouder!!!!
So, next week, think of my friend and send her the best wishes possible. I know I will be (even though I have to admit that it would suck if she moved there. Well, okay, not exactly, if she moves there and has the money to fly me in to visit ... that would not suck!)
Go get 'em Stef!!!


Karen MEG said...

Good luck to your pal Stef for pursuing her dream. It's great to have a passion and calling.
I'm sure she'll do well, she's persistent and sounds talented, probably just needs a big break. Once the talented ones get noticed by the right people, there's no stopping them. So you'll be able to say I remember her from way back when :)

Ginny said...

Hey Laural, awesome news about Stef. Tell her your old neighbour is thinking of her and wishing her all the best! She must be so thrilled and so nervous! Make sure you let us know how it goes!
Go Stef!! Show 'em that the Canucks can do it!

Teena said...

Good for her for following her dream!