Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Doctor Debate

Yesterday I had my last appointment with my family doctor until, as she put it, I have my baby.
Starting in early October I'll be seeing my new ob. I'm nervous and excited. And, I have to admit it was kind of weird saying goodbye to my doctor for a few months.
I love the woman.
She's cool. And kind. And she quells my anxiety.
And when she wished me luck I started to cry. Just a little. I felt pretty silly. Chalk it up to hormones, but I don't know.
I'm learning though, that it's really different going to an ob than a midwife. There are a couple of reasons that I'm going the OB route. The first is that I have a blood pressure issue. It's not huge, but it's there, and so we need to watch it - and it's no fun trying to switch to an ob halfway through pregnancy (I almost had to last time). Also, we debated back and forth a lot about having a c-section. I'm not 100% sure on this, but again, I would like to be with the same doctor the whole way through and this will make it easier.
But, there's still so much to think about.
Like, did I make the right doctor decision? I live about 45 minutes outside of the city I work in (Toronto). So, I decided to go with a doctor in Toronto. Workwise it makes sense. I take the train to work everyday, and if I go with a doctor in my hometown then I will almost have to take a day off, definitely half a day off, every time I have an appointment. Instead I'm going to a doctor's office just up the street from my work. It's a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute cab ride.
But, what if I get sick?
What if I don't have a c-section and I have to drive in labour to the hospital 45 minutes away???
And, my other concern - I had no clue that I need to bring my baby not to the OB but to a peadiatrician within 48 hours. With my midwives they came to me - and took care of the baby for 6 weeks. This is all new.
Of course, I got stressed when my doctor told me this. but she said I just need to look now and I will find one, and if I don't I can go to her. But again, she's in Toronto, so as much as it's fine for me, it's not good for a baby.
But ... we'll see.
Maybe it's just me, but it seems that this time around I'm so anxious about the weirdest things. I'm not even feeling the kicks yet, and I'm already worried about finding a paediatrician. Ahhh!


AndreAnna said...

Can you join a mommies group in your area or know anyone in one? They usually have great recommendations for pediatricians, dentists, specialists, etc.

Don't worry. It will all be fine. I promise. ;)

MandyPoo said...

My doctor's office has two doctors and a midwife, so I have the best of both worlds. I can choose whichever one I want to deliver my baby (unless it is afterhours...then I just get who is on call). I haven't picked a pediatrician though...I should probably get on that since I'm almost 8 months pregnant now...

Laural Dawn said...

AA - I think you're right. I am getting to know people here, and my sister gave me one name. So, I'll try. It feels all new!
MandyPoo - that's really cool. With my son I had a midwife and then at the end of the delivery had to switch to a doctor. It was weird.

LoriD said...

That is a tough one. My family physician and OB did "shared care": one appointment was with one, the next with the other until the last month when it was all OB - I had papers that I carried in an envelope back and forth to each. Both docs were in the same place where I live and work, but I still had to take at least a 1/2 day off work, just because the OB made me wait. My friend did the same thing, but her regular doctor was in Toronto (where she worked) and the OB was where she lived so she could deliver at her local hospital.

bubandpie said...

My babies were seen by a pediatrician in the hospital, and then we had to take them to the family doctor at one week? Two weeks? I can't remember - but well after the 48 hour window anyway.

There's nothing like a doctor with that anxiety-relieving quality. My OB was always in and out within minutes, but he always managed to imbue me with a sense of optimism.

Teena said...

I live in downtown Toronto and that's where my doc is. It would be tough to see her if I was working outside the downtown core.