Monday, August 27, 2007

Toilet Training - Day 1

So by some miracle, Matthew has bought into this whole toilet=big boy idea.
I am getting excited.
Day one of the toilet training challenge went really well. It's like he decided to cooperate with us today. He got out of bed and went to the potty without an argument. And then he chose his underwear (it was a bob the builder day).
He not only tried to pee twice before we left, but when we got to the GO station he decided that he wanted to try out the train station bathroom. (actually, it was surprisingly clean).
He did really well all day.
He had a couple of accidents, but all in all he was into it. He went to the bathroom by choice, and was pretty excited to be wearing his Cars underwear at the end of the day.
So we decided that we are going to give him a pretty cool reward this weekend. If he stays consistent with his training (by that we mean he doesn't fight with us or his teachers when it's time to use the potty, and if he doesn't purposely have an accident) then on Saturday he gets to go on a GO Train ride.
To Matt GO train rides are one of the coolest treats in the world. We've decided that we'll hop on the train in the morning, maybe grab ice cream or lunch and then come back home in the afternoon. Because I have a monthly pass I can bring Mike on the train for FREE (on a weekend) so it's actually a really cheap and fun treat. The other great part of it is that the CNE is on in Toronto, so there will be lots of other kids on the train. I know it's a bit of a hassle usually, but Matty can be a little noisy or crazy and it won't really matter. I like that.
Besides ... I'm sure he will be THRILLED to use the potty on the train. When we took the train to Montreal I think the visit to the bathroom was the highlight.
I know this will be a long road to being potty trained, but I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to the end result.


AndreAnna said...

Yay big boy!!!

I puke on trains. I may make you come down to potty train my kid of that reward works. :)

SciFi Dad said...

Good for Matt! Just remember that there will be accidents; it's just part of the process of learning what his body is telling him.

LoriD said...

That's a great reward, Laural! What I learned with my first two, is that the first week or so of toilet training is about training ME to be consistent in reminding and then they just catch on after that. My youngest, who is not yet 2, refuses to sit on the potty. That's a new problem for me, so she may be more of a challenge than the other two. Good luck!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

VERY exciting stuff!
Just remember that this beginning stage of Potty Training is just that--a phase!!!