Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wosie Wose Petal

We got an adorable little kitten tonight.
I'm sure my husband wants to kill me! But, the kitten is so cute.

I've been thinking about getting a kitten for awhile. Our cat is a little dull (I love her, but she is a solitary being), and she doesn't really let Matt play with her. I love how much Matt loves kittens. And I love kittens.

So, when my sister got a kitten today, and told me that her sister was still there I couldn't resist. (The kittens were left with the vet - I'm opposed to pet stores).

I didn't tell my husband - partly because I love surprises, partly because I didn't want him to say no.
This kitten is adorable.

I let Matt and Kyla name her. Together they came up with the name Rosie Rose Petal. Or, as Matt says, "Wosie Wose Petal."

It's soooooo cute. He keeps saying he loves her and she's cute.
Added bonus - he has not pointed out a cute baby, that he wants as a baby sister, all night. (Matthew is on the whole "I want a sister or brother" bandwagon)
So ... for now we have an adorable kitten.
Our cat is unbelievably okay with the whole thing. She just kind of looks at us and walks away.


Amy said...

Laural she's sooooooo cute!!!!!!

Geez, its the invasion of the kittens lately. We got our two (who are a total riot) and my friend Jen got one, so did my friend Ben and now you and your sister too! Its kitten mania!! :)

Spot and Smudge say hi to Rosie!!!

kate said...

So not I'm a grandma of two new kittens.....yea....I can hug and adore the two sisters whenever I feel the urge to get my own kitten!

Haley-O said...

Awwwww! I LOVE HER!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :) Love the name, too... So 'dorable!!!

sam said...

I LOVE the name and she's GORGEOUS!!

Congratulations on the new member fo your family!

Urban Daddy said...

Cute kitty!!!

We got one for the Happy Boy who is now one year old and no longer looking like a kitten. He used to carry the kitten around everywhere. LOL. Taught him to be nice to animals.

By the way...

My blog URL has changed to

Have a nice weekend!