Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Eggs

Since Easter is coming up Matthew and I decided to do Easter Eggs. More specifically, I decided to make easter eggs and show Matt how to do it.
Ever tried explaining the concept of painting eggs to a toddler?
The problem I had is that whenever I bake I let Matt help me, and his favourite job is cracking the eggs. He's quite good at the task. He's been doing this for a good year with me.
So when I told him we were decorating eggs not cracking them he was a little disappointed.
When he asked me why we were painting them I didn't have an explanation.
When I was growing up I didn't believe in the Easter Bunny. We attended church and we learned the traditional Easter story. (and we'll be brining Matt to church Easter Sunday). As much as my parents gave us Easter chocolate, I don't really remember them ever explaining the concept of the Easter Bunny to me. Or how the eggs relate.
So with that helpful lack of knowledge I was basically able to tell Matt "I don't know - but we are painting eggs."
I tried blowing the yoke out of a few eggs. This made them very fragile. And when I let Matt paint them (with a cool egg painting kit my friend gave us) he was quite happy to destroy the eggs. I was annoyed. So I gave up and hard boiled the other 9 eggs.
We ended up going and buying one of those kits where you colour on the egg with a magic crayon and then dip them in the colours. Matt was not into the colouring so much because he couldn't see what he was drawing. So, I finished up the colouring and then we dipped.
Basically we have ended up with a bit of a mess.
But the best part of the whole thing was at the end. When we mixed all the dyes. That was the best part. Matt loved mixing colours. I got into it too.
So .... to recap. We may not have any easter eggs in our house, but we are quite clear that pink and blue make purple and yellow and green make yellowish green. It's all about the learning experience.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

No WAY! He cracks the eggs? How many shells get in? I've never even let the bunny touch the eggs, that's Mommy's job :) You are so brave.

Where are the photos of your eggs? blapher said...

Sounds like it was fun playing the Easter Eggs. Note to self: need to come up with the "Why Does the Easter Bunny Exist" story when our baby is old enough to ask :)