Monday, March 12, 2007

Cause Monday is Always a Good Day to Start NEW Routines

We've been a little remiss in the bedtime routine lately.
Matthew is really stubborn. And this makes bedtime really difficult. We were kind of in a routine up until December, and then when we moved things got rough.
In order to get Matt to sleep we've been (collective gasp) been letting Matt have a bottle of chocolate milk. I know.
It started as a one time thing and then gradually increased.
And then I read an article on tooth decay and kids. The truth is that he doesn't sleep with chocolate milk in his mouth, but the lack of teeth brushing is really getting to me. I'm not saying that we DON'T brush his teeth, but still.
Plus, we've been in a little slow in the toilet training department.
So tonight we're changing up the routine. We're letting Matthew go to bed later than normal (8 instead of 7:30). We're having Treehouse and chocolate milk. Then teeth brushing. Then toilet. And then bed with water only.
I get that other people have figured this routine. We've just gotten into the rut of doing what's easiest. It's just that we're beginning to learn that what seems like and easy way out isn't always an easy way out in the long run.
I HATE being this tough. It sucks.
But, at the same time it's really working to be tough. Like, I am being really firm about Matt listening. Tonight Matt was running around the upper level of the mall and he saw the elevator doors open. He was about to go in (with a stranger) and from the other side of the mall I shouted "Matthew STOP!"
I was amazed. Is it possible that strict Mommy is paying off? I guess so.
So we shall see how tonight's bedtime routine goes. If I'm extra tired at work tomorrow at least everyone will know why.


Haley-O said...

The darn time change through the monkey right off her "routine." She's been throwing tantrums all the livelong day!!!! And, she was not laughing when I got "strict." I'm glad Matty listened to you!!! I hope it continues to work, LD! :)

Ginny said...

Let us know if it worked out for you!

If it is any consolation at all, time changes ALWAYS throw our bedtime routine out the window. And you know me and our bedtime routine! We will probably be screwed for a month or two until we find the 'right' way to make bedtime work again. Stupid time change!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

We were pretty stupid for travelling this past weekend during a time change, two things that totally throw the bunny right off her routines! We are still paying for it. She wails when she goes to bed (naps and nighttime) I am hoping this changes soon.

I've been reading a really good book lately that you may like, by Joe Rich. Check it out on the sidebar of my website. He talks a lot about thinking "long term" (e.g. easy way out isn't always best), it has got me thinking a lot!