Thursday, November 23, 2006

This week is kicking my butt ...

Rarely does a week kick me in the butt like this one has.
It's Thursday and I'm exhausted.
Let's see. Well first of all on Sunday I broke my tooth (one that I've already had a root canal on) so on Monday I had to find a new dentist, which I did. Then I went to see him, and I'm not a good dental patient, and he informed me that to fix it I would need 2 separate appointments and a couple thousand dollars. GREAT!
I left with a prescription for Adovan (valium) for when I return, and a promise that they would let me know the insurance quote. For now I have a hole in my mouth the size of a baby tooth. And it hurts.
But whatever. Got through that.
Then the next day I woke up not feeling myself. You know, under the weather, but managing. So I went to work. Midway through the day - in my boss's office - I suddenly realized that I really was not okay. Luckily I made it to the bathroom. Where I puked everywhere. It was probably my most embarrassing moment EVER, or at least at work. I stumbled out of the bathroom, begged the receptionist to call my friend, who located both a spare shirt and my boss who promptly sent me home in a taxi.
By yesterday I was done. Not only was everyone staying a good distance away from me (food poisoning people - I'm not contagious), but I was swamped with work. The phone kept ringing, I kept messing things up. There was nothing seriously bad abotu the day - but I just felt totally behind. I made it through the day - and we got to McDonald's where, my son got picked on by a 4 year old, and I almost lost it with his mother. Thank GOD we are moving. I don't think I can go back to that McDonald's. Echoes of "parents who don't chaperone their kids should not be allowed in the Play Place" followed me out of the building. It was awful. Matt left hysterical and Mike rolled his eyes.
And, now, I realize it's only Thursday. I hope to make it through today unscathed - no dental surgery, no vomit, and no fights with other parents.

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