Monday, October 16, 2006

Green Beans anyone?

For reasons unknown to Mike and I, our child is in love with health food.
We try to be healthy in our house, but we do tend to enjoy the junk food. There's nothing Mike and I enjoy more than a night on the couch with chips and dip. (yum). I know we don't do this often anymore. But that's not by choice. It's because we were getting fat.
However, if you were to put, for instance, a potato and a brownie in front of either of us, the likely choice would be a brownie.
Like tonight. We made brownies yesterday and after dinner I pulled them out and gave one to each of us. Matt looked at the brownie (as Mike and I were filling our mouths) and decided to eat more potatoes followed by more corn.
we have tried buying Matt various kinds of cereal. We even bought Fruit loops cause we think they are yummy. He said no and asked for an apple.
And this weekend ... this was the clincher.
For 15 minutes Matthew kept walking around asking for green beans. I tried offering everything: cheese, apples, carrots, etc. Finally in frustration I said
"Matt we don't have green beans. Have some candy!!!"
Nice - I'm a great parent.
And then he went into our panty and pulled out a can of green bean. He looked up at me, gave me a huge smile and said
"Look, Mom, Green Beans!!!"
He was right.
What mother offers her child candy over vegetables. Me, I guess.


Heather said...

So funny. The other day Miles chucked a fit because he wanted beans too. I mean his first official FIT. He doesn't comprehend that beans have to cook before you eat them. As I'm trying to make them boil faster he's standing at the bottom of the stove screaming "BEAN BEAN". I really should complain, there are worse things he could be complaining about.

Kristine said...

How funny.... my son loves health food. He is three, and have another who is one. My son will put aside his ice cream and cake, but loves cantalope, and sugar snap peas. He makes me laugh when he pushes the sweets aside as Mommy is licking the plate clean. Kids are the funniest!