Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bugs! - A Science Centre Adventure

So we went to the Science Centre today.
It's a good thing we are members because I was ready to kill someone today. It was Telus Family day. I'm sorry if anyone was there that is reading this - but all the Telus employees are idiots. Seriously.
We often go to the Science Centre on Sundays. It's usually nice and fairly quiet. At the KidSpark area Matt can run around, we wander, it's nice. Today it was crazy. We had to wait for an elevator and we didn't even bother with KidSpark because there was a huge Lineup. The people were rude. We got pushed when we were on the elevators. Even at the Sports Arcade (whch was unusually busy) people pushed, tried to get ahead. It was ridiculous.
Seriously. The people were such idiots that if I hadn't already cancelled my Telus phone I would go home and do so I was so annoyed.
So, to combat the crowds we decided to take Matt to Bugs! at the Imax Theatre. Someone suggested to me that Matt may be old enough for a movie. He did well for about half an hour. Then he got stir crazy and started to run up and down our row. No biggie cause it was relatively quiet, but when he started to climb the chairs we decided that it was time to go.
Honestly, the movie was boring. I mean, it was interesting, but by the time he lost interest so did I. Mike seemed a little more into it, but even he admitted that ti was a tad boring by the end.
So, all in all it was pretty good.
And, because we get a discount on the tickets it was a cheap movie.
I think next time we'll go to a good Disney movie and see how he does. Oh and candy would help, I think (the Imax doesn't allow it)


Haley-O said...

The monkey's still too young for the science centre....And, definitely too young for movies....Disney and candy sounds awesome (for all of you!). :)

Heather said...

Sorry Haley-o but he's definatly NOT too young for the Science Centre. You are never to young to learn and explore. As for the movie though, I'd have to agree. I'd try it at home before I ever paid for it.
We have a membership at the zoo also and find that Miles absolutly loves it. Memberships are perfect for those days that you never hear about and they are jam packed with every group and family reunion you can imagine. You can visit a few things and then leave if you have too.
There is no zoo in Windsor, but we will deffinatly be returning to take full advantage of all our Toronto friends, our memberships, and the amazingly fun things to do there.