Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stupid Government

I don't usually complain about the government. I really don't. I vote. I volunteer. If I have a major opinion on something I do something about it. These days it may mean writing a letter. In unversity I went to a couple of protests.
And, I really hate it when people sit and watch the news and then whine, and never do anything about it.
But allow me this vent for one minute.
We've started getting this universal child care benefit.
I think it's stupid. I mean $100 per month sounds great, but ... it's not that much.
Mike and I aren't eligible for any subsidies, and we have been paying roughly $1350 per month for daycare.
We got our first $100 cheque at the same time that our daycare fees went up by $8 per day. Perfect, I thought, as I cashed the cheque and paid our fees. I was pretty impressed. I was also a little surprised because I got the exact same amount ($100) as my sister who is a Stay at home mom (well, she got it twice since she has 2 kids) and another friend who is a single mom with the father not paying child support.
But, great. A child is a child, and frankly I think we should all get the same amount of money.
And then on Friday I got a letter in the mail telling me that I now owe the government $66.47. Apparently they need more information before they can allow me to keep the whole cheque.
This is ridiculous.
First of all - I pay tax. Every 2 weeks when I get my paycheque close to half of it goes to taxes. In addition to that I've been paying $75 per month to the government for an outstanding amount I owed for a previous year. And, I file my taxes.
But, this stupid letter saying I owe this stupid amount says they need information that I didn't provide. Why would I have sent them more information? I got a cheque in the mail. They didn't ask for any info. I didn't apply for anything. I just got a cheque.
And now they want me to return 33% of the cheque they sent me (which I used to pay for child care) and also send more info. What this info could be eludes me. They did not specify in this letter demanding money. They just simply told me I hadn't sent it.
Clearly, I'm still annoyed. I decided to cool off a couple of days before calling them.
And then today I check the mail.
Are they complete idiots? Yes. I do believe they are.


Searaygal said...

You have got to be kidding? Good lord, yes they are all idiots as far as I can see.
That's absolutely ridiculous.

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...

I remember when I was living in the ghetto of Toronto, and a poor student who barely made ends meet, the government auditted me and asked for proof that of my rent. They wanted PROOF that I paid 240 dollars a month for rent just in case I was lying about that piddly amount to being with, so that in the end if I WAS lying that I'd owe them maybe 5 dollars back of my tax return.
And I can't even fathom how much it cost to make and send that audit letter. Definately not the 5 bucks they were hoping to get back.
Often the government is a big bunch of unorganized(among other unsightly adjectives) turds.

ninepounddictator said...

yes, they are idiots.

unfortunately, it will be more hassle to argue than to fill out the form....

I know, i know...argh!