Friday, July 14, 2006

A Break ...

This week we took a break from everything: from work, from home, from the city, from blogging, from e-mail (including my blackberry!) in order to re-group and have a vacation.
Reading my last post I realized I was exhausted and needed to just seperate from all the crap that comes from a dizzying life. And, it was the perfect time to shut all of that off and go away.
So away we went, to the peaceful state of Vermont.
It's not the first time we have been there. My parents have been taking my sister and I since I was about 6. We go to the same places and do the same things, but being in the fresh mountain air and just doing things like going for walks, drives, etc is actually pretty refreshing.
This year we went with my parents, my sister, her husband and her 2 daughters. So, it was a full house with Mike, Matthew and I.
Matty and his cousins played. Kyla is 4 and Paige is almost 1. (they are all spaced out by 18 months). So, it was an interesting mix. One second Matt and Kyla were playing the next they were screaming. And, Paige sort of just watched it all and joined in when she could.
There were definite highs and lows. Matthew was insane. He's 2. what could we expect? It's a little bit difficult to take a toddler out of the routine he has and put him into a new one and now have any major meltdowns. So, we had a few. But, in the end he seemed pretty okay with it all and loved being with Grandma and Grandpa so much. Every morning he would get out of bed and run yelling "Gawamma - Gawampa" and find them and hop in their bed and cuddle (we had a chalet so there was lots of space) and then usually Kyla and/or Paige joined in.
For me, it was a nice chance to get a break. And, to spend some time with my boys. Mike and I had our 5th anniversary last week. And, I can't say it's been the easiest of times in our marriage. (that's as much as I will blog about).We've struggled. So, we alternated between being close and being distant and even some screaming. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I do come from the school of thought that unless you express the good and the bad there will be no future. So we rode it out and we needed a bit of that.
And, I got a lot of Matty time.
This is the first week off that I have had since I started work that was actual vacation. I took time off at Christmas, but it was for doing Christmas stuff. And, I took a week off to move but we were integrating Matt into a new daycare (which we promplty took him out of - other story) but we hdan't just taken a week to chill. So, thankfully this was that week. And, it's perfect timing because next week I will be away for a week - on my own - for the first time away from Matt. So, I kind of cherished this time.
I also realized that any vision I had of being a stay at home mom was crazy because I COULD NOT HACK IT!!! I was so ready for the daycare gods to descend once again and take care of and entertian my constantly active child.
So, fun filled!
Pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back,we missed you terribly though I'm glad you had fun.


Heather said...

Seems like this is the time a lot of bloggin mammas take a break. I've been away too. Gotta love the cottage. I have get back on the bloggin train again. Shit.

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