Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Things I admire about my friends

I was inspired by someone else's Thursday Thirteen. I hope this doesn't sound like a highschool year book

Thirteen Things I admire in my friends (in no particular order)

1. Wonderful zaniness and complete confidence in who she is. (Stef - How could I not instantly become friends with the temp who walked into our office with a fish lunch bag and long red braids without a second thought?)

2.Tolerance and patience (Sabrina - She has been with me since our first day of J-School - she even put up with Boom Boom confusing us in diversity class)

3. Exuberance (Salina - Who else would even think to make their 1-month old "dance" in the puppet theatre at the playgroup and laugh when the other more snooty moms are shocked?)

4. Strength of conviction (Ginny -I always know where I stand with her, and where my ideas stand with her. There's no pretension)

5. Humour (Beth - She can make almost any office situation funny - and find anything I say hilarious. Sending blackberry messages back and forth is more addictive than passing notes in class)

6. Vision (Meghan - She will someday get her book published - I know it!)

7. Enthusiam (Ketly - Being around her is just generally uplifting because she is a fun person)

8. Encouragement (Amy - Sometimes all you need to solve a problem really is a latte and a listening ear and she's always there with both)

9. Guidance (Donna - I've looked up to her as my mentor for years. When I was struggling through breastfeeding I'd check my e-mail and there would be a wonderful e-mail encouraging me and answer the many questions I may have had - but there was never judgement.)

10. Caring (Sarah - She's that person who will get you a coffee when she knows it's been a bad day - and not expect you to do the same back. Even though of course you want to. It's just not a requirement of your friendship)

11. Love (Kyla - For Christmas I got a carebear ornament and this adorable 3 year old said to me "I really wanted to buy this for you because I love you very much". She loves me for me - it amazes me the capacity kids have for love, and even when I'm feeling and looking my worst she is excited to see me.

12. Longevity (Greg - The only guy to make this list! He's been in my life for so long and has been a friend through ups and downs. It's a friendship I can't explain for the most part, but I can't imagine not calling him my friend. Life would just suck)

13. Goodness (Becky - She just covers all the good qualities like patience and kindness and friendship and love. A little of my sister's time goes a long way.)


Naomi said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends!! Consider yourself very lucky!

Searaygal said...


And today is a triple Venti Iced Latte kind of day too!

-Amy :)

Anonymous said...

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