Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm So Proud!!!

(My Mom and Matt)
Usually I write about my experiences with my son and all of the reasons I am proud of him.
But, today I was proud of someone else ... my mom!
Today Mike, Matty and I went with her and my dad to see her new office in North Oakville.
My mom is my greatest ally and an inspiration. Don't get me wrong, we don't always get along. We've had many arguments and we certainly don't see eye to eye on every issue. But, she's an amazing person and an incredible mom (who I draw a lot of inspiration from.)
For the past few years she has been changing her career path. She has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and the way she does this is through training, solution focused counseling and stress management coaching.
When she decided to do this she also committed to keeping her family first. Between us my sister and I have 3 children. My mom kept her grandchildren snd children a priority (especially when Matty, Mike and I arrived on my parents' doorstep for a few months between houses!). She's committed to her work, but she always makes time to bake brownies with my nieces and blow bubbles with my son.
My mom made so many huge leaps in the last 5 years it amazes me. Few people have the courage to leave a full time job with no guarantee of full time work in order to what you really want, but that is exactly what she did. When she turned 50 she decided it was now or never.
So, I am really proud to say that she has now grown her business enough to expand into her very own office.
Way to go, Mom! You're an inspiration.


kate said...

Thanks hon! You, your sister, your husbands, your kids, and especially my husband (your wonderful Dad) have always inspired me to be the person I was meant to be. Support such as this picture on your blogsite continue to bolster the confidence in me to just "go for it". I hope I can do the same for all of you and clients who walk through my new office door! By the way, circle June 10 on your calendar and come check out our open house.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Laural:
You are truly quite a blogger. And to all of the rest of you in blogger-land, please join Kate and I for the Open House of Oak Park Wellness on June 10 (AM). I think I'm the coffee guy - so if you like your java on the strong side, stop by for a morning pick up and find out what wellness is all about.