Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I HATE the word Ta!
I know there are much more things in this world to concern myself with on a daily basis, but the one thing that really bugs me more than most things is the word "ta"!
It's just a stupid word.
What does it mean?
It means nothing. To some people the word means thank you. It's a big one around my office, it seems. One person here (who happens to sit right near me) uses it in moderation. That does not bug me because I hear it from her once a month. But, I guess the word was a hit at some meeting because immediately people here started to pick it up.
Yesterday, for instance, I put a lot of work into something and I was rewarded with a "ta!" Just now I received an e-mail full of instructions and at the end was the word "Ta!"
Does that mean thanks? Then type thanks. Don't use some stupid expression.
I looked it up. It's some ancient British saying that does, indeed, mean thanks. But, I had to search a few online dictionaries to find that definition.
What confuses is me is why the word is also thrown at my son all the time - in the wrong context.
Strangers who do not know Matty use it instead of the word no. For instance, if on the bus he is touching someone's bag and they don't want him to, instead of saying "please don't touch" which would be totally fine with me they say "ta".
As if it's the nice way of saying no.
When my in-laws don't want him to do something they say "ta" as a precursor to the word "no." Matt just looks at them in complete confusion and usually keeps on doing whatever it is he was doing.
I see where he is coming from. I wouldn't listen either. It's a stupid word.
It's like saying some bizarre word instead of soother or saying the word "cheers" because the cool people do it.
Resist, I say. Resist.
Use the proper words. It will make our lives easier.
No is no.
Thanks is thanks.
End of story.

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Heather said...

It depends on who's saying the ta. My husbands parents are both Australian and Ta is quite a common term. Sometimes they even say TA DA! Anyways, it used to annoy the crap out of me, but now it's only okay if they say it. I try and say Ta and I just sound like an ass.