Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finding my voice in the blogging wordl

I've been thinking a lot about finding my "blogging voice".
It's a really hard thing to find. I've read a zillion blogs lately- it's my new lunchtime activity (while eating all the healthy food I keep bringing). Some people have these short bite-size entries that you read in 30 seconds. But, maybe that is how they talk and correspond.
Others are a lot longer. They go on and one or tell a long story or get philosophical. I enjoy reading those ones a lot.
I'm beginning to find myself addicted to some to the point that if they don't post that day I get pretty annoyed.
But, I feel like I'm still finding my voice.
I didn't really plan to start this as a "mommy blog" because I don't feel that I have all that much to contribute. But, maybe I do.
I do know that nothing inspires me to write every day as much as Matty-Matt (his name for himself) does. I mean, it's just so fascinating to watch this child develop. I started journaling about him in his first year in this calendar Ginny gave me. Then I started to scrapbook and the journal entries soon overtook the pictures.
This is just the next logical step. I mean, there are so many cute things and it's so easy to forget them.
Am I a Mommy Blogger?
I dunno. I think so.

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ninepounddictator said...

It's funny isn't it. I definitely started out with the goal to be a mommy blogger....but I find myself sometimes not wanting to write about being a mommy...

If you want to hear a really really good voice in the bloggin world, check out rockstarmommy.com

The great thing about a blog is that you can post as often as you want or don't want...

I like some of my posts, and really, really, hate others I've written...But, whatever. Some are good, some bad.

That's part of the fun.