Thursday, May 04, 2006

Post #2 - For lack of a better title

I'm posting again after several months because I have a renewed interest in blogs (did everyone know my favourite author, living that is, has a blog?) .

But I actually do have something to talk about my life.
I've been volunteer writing for the Cancer Society. I had a great idea for a story - and I pitched it to our communications group. Anyway, long story short, the people I interviewed for the story had a really amazing story to tell and it went from being a little side bar in the paper to being on the cover.
Heres the link.

You will notice one thing ... my name is spelled wrong. I am Laural - not Laura!!! (sidenote: I am constantly asked why I named Matthew something so popular instead of something unique. This is one of the reasons. I love my name, but hate that no one takes the care to get it right).

Stick with me - I will write more often.


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