Wednesday, January 09, 2013

43 Days

In less than 50 days I'll be running the Princess Half Marathon! Our flights are booked. Our hotel and meal plan is paid for. I'm soooo close with my training. I could run this race tomorrow. Waiting 6 weeks ... it's tough.
It's funny because as I'm doing all the last minute prep, training and planning, I keep thinking back to how this all started.
Last year at this time, this race wasn't even on my list of goals. Sure it was on my bucket list, but it was up there with things I wouldn't even plan to do because running a half marathon is crazy. I still firmly believe that statement. But good crazy it okay!
And, as I do my last few weeks of training it's ironic (maybe in the Alanis Morrisette sense) that Biggest Loser is back on tv. I've watched the first couple of episodes and it makes me cry because I've been there. I get it. I remember season 11 when I was walking on the treadmill with the goal of running the commercials. How things change! And I was trying to think of what I wish I'd been told when I wanted to run a little more. This is my list:

  1. It doesn't get easier; it's not supposed to! You'll learn you don't need to give up. You'll learn that you won't die, and you can keep going. . If you were to drive by me 5k into a 15k run and offer me a ride, I'd consider it. Because sometimes I'm done and it hurts. I used to think when something was easy it meant I was successful. Now I believe that knowing you can do it despite the difficulty is success.
  2. Don't quit in the first few minutes. The biggest lesson I've learned is that sometimes the pain you're experiencing is your body warming up. Some days I can run for miles once my body is warmed up, but I also sometimes walk 3 times in my first 2 kilometres of running.
  3. Don't compare yourself with anyone but you. Who cares if people are faster, thinner, better. Well, I do! We all do. But, as much as you can, don't compare. Be your own awesome self. Try your best. Find your own pace. If you're running with a group stick with them, but don't feel the need to lead. Chill and get in a good work out. And when you hit a race - keep your head up no matter where you are. In a tough race I did there was an out and back (so the fast runners ran past the slower runners). It was so awesome to cheer for the really fast people. Embrace it.
  4. Rely on others. I fought joining a running group for years ... and now I love running with people! And the teacher from my first clinic? She's amazing. I've emailed her when I wanted to quit, and she kept me going.
  5. Just Keep Going. Who cares if you have 6 months of training ahead of you or 6 more steps till the race is done. Do it. Keep doing it. Just keep going. You'll get there. I say that to myself all the time. Don't quit. Just keep going.
I'm so excited. I can't even watch videos of the race without crying. Maybe your dream isn't to run around Disney World. But whatever your dream is - GO FOR IT.

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zoot said...

The point about needing to warm up is SO TRUE. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 miles before I feel "good" on a run!