Thursday, December 20, 2012


tomorrow is my last day at the office before christmas. (I work from home Monday).
i love christmas. i can't wait.
there's a side of me that's sad. the side of me that would a have popped into the pub to have a drink with my friends before we went away for a few days.
and yet .. there's this side of me lately that knows it's okay.
it's been 6 weeks since i started a new job.
and it's all okay.
and i'm learning something. i'm learning to be grateful.
lately i'm grateful for the moments i see my friends. i'm grateful for the moments i had. i'm grateful for the moments i appreciated and the ones i never thought would go away. because they were all special.
i'm learning to reach out. when i started these longer commutes i reached out to someone who was on the same train. i look forward to our almost weekly train catch ups. it matters.
i'm learning that i'm way more confident than i give myself credit for.
i'm learning not to feel guilty asking for stuff - like days to work from home.
i'm learning that if i feel like i don't have people to grab a coffee with - maybe others feel that way - and so i emailed someone to grab coffee. we met in a compliance session for newbies. will we be besties. no. but it was really nice.
life keeps moving.
i'm choosing gratitude. cuz feeling sorry for myself was getting old.
(and i may pop out early and grab a very quick drink after work)

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