Saturday, November 10, 2012


We all have rules we set for ourselves when it comes to our lives online. Some people don't show pictures of their kids. Some people don't swear  Some people don't speak about politics. One of the things I've been pretty clear about is not discussing work. Sure there have been some awesome things I've posted (We Day!), but if I'm having a rough day I keep it to myself.
But then there was October.
There were a lot of changes at work over this past year. Changes that I went with though I struggled with the reasoning behind some decisions. And kept my mouth shut.
But in September I had enough. I applied for a couple of positions that interested me.
And one day I posted this on Facebook:

I left work that day furious.
An hour later my phone rang. A job I had interviewed for, a job I had described as a dream job, was offered to me.
I quit. I spent a lot of time with friends. I took this past week off.
I start my new job Monday.
Change is hard. Goodbyes are hard. The decision is right.
So that's where I've been. Making choices. Growing up. Saying goodbye. Moving on.
I plan to start posting here more, now that I've dealt with some issues. Now that my job fully accepts and embraces social media.
I can't wait to tell you more.
And I can't wait to wear my new pair of shiny red shoes (thanks to some awesome people) and embrace this new decision.
Wish me luck!


Amy said...

am beyond proud of you for making the changes you needed to make and I know you are going to be all the better for it. You know you always have a cheerleader in me :). Big hugs and, ummm, what size are these delightful shoes? ;)

kate said...

I have a friend whose email signature is "Onward & Upward" which seems appropriate for this occasion! On to better things.