Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Let's be completely honest here, I hate budgeting. I hate thinking about money, or lack thereof. I love to shop. I love to look at pretty things. I like to buy stuff for people I love, for my kids, for me. I love a good sale. I have a serious Starbucks addiction, and although I try to bring my lunch to work I have a tendency to buy lunch fairly often.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm worse (or better) than a lot of people I know. It's just that recently I've been looking at how much money I'm spending on stuff, and how that's limiting what I really want.
For instance, I was considering joining a local gym - an expense we don't need - and even though it was affordable I couldn't figure out where the money would come from until I realized that maybe I could skip my acrylic nails. Ya know?
So ...
I'm putting myself on a budget.
Part of this budget is because we're planning a trip to Disney in February.  So we definitely need to save for that. But that's only part of it. I'm also just really tired of worrying about money - for dumb reasons.
Since it's August 1st (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BECKY!) My official budgeting starts today, even though I've been working away at this for about a week now.
And, as my friend said, I'm not looking at this depriving myself. It's a bit like a year ago when I decided I wanted to lose weight and be healthy. I gave up a lot of stuff (chips/chocolate/sleeping in) but you know ... kind of working for me :)
So, here's the plan.
1) Stop buying stuff I don't need - that includes magazines, fast food, more clothes, shoes. Also, no more lunches out, food court meals, etc
2) Keep track of everything I spend. I plan to keep all receipts (when I get them) and write everything down. I hate doing this. My friend sent me a really helpful spreadsheet that is easy to fill out. I'm going to actually do that.
3) Keep track of what I'm saving. That's just to feel a bit better about myself! I love a pat on the back :)
4) Be realistic. I love Starbucks, and I'm proud of my gold card status. However, shouldn't give me permission to spend a fortune there. So, I'm filling my card once per week - for $20. When it's out it's out. I'm going to spend a bit more on groceries so that I actually enjoy the lunches I bring to work.

August budget here I come!

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