Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about being happy.
More accurately, I've been spending a lot of time being happy, and I've been spending a little bit of time thinking about why I'm happy.
I'm a summer person, so I know for 100% sure that this beautiful warm weather has been helping. Last year I made the decision to get outside when I can - and enjoy the sun and the warmth. This year is no different. If it's nice out I'm outside - that may mean sipping an iced beverage, chasing the kids or playing in the sprinkler. But, it's more than that.
I was just so tired of feeling crappy about stuff. It seems like no matter who I talk to, people have had bad stuff happen this year from pets dying to job losses to illnesses, and everything in between. And sometimes I feel like it's a slap in the face to be happy when people are struggling.
Except I've had my own stuff to deal with this year. And I'm realizing that as much as in the moment you don't want to be smiling and laughing, it's okay to choose to be happy when you can. Even in the middle of the crappy stuff.
So I've focused on finding the happy.
I think it also helps that I've been making some really good decisions health wise.
I've pretty much maintained my weightloss, and I'm making a conscious decision to eat healthy foods as much as possible. Organic produce, quinoa, etc are playing a larger role in my life. I've cut way back on eating meat, and when I eat meat it's in smaller quantities. I'm taking my daily vitamins daily - and I sware I notice it when I skip them.. That's such a weird thing to say.
I'm also working out a lot.
My weekdays tend to start bright and early at about 4:30 when I lace up my running shoes and hit the road for a run. Most of my weeknights end with a hot yoga class, and I'm home by 10. I often hear people call this ambitious or crazy. Part of me agrees, but we're talking about me here. If I didn't want to do it, I'd make up an excuse to skip it. And some days I do.
But, here's why I'm happy.
It can stink to wake up and know you're facing a stressful day. It's hard to hear your alarm clock and know you have to get up, have coffee, watch the news, read your email and then face the day.
How much better is it to know you're waking up, you're doing something purely for you, listening to awesome music (and singing along) and knowing that no matter what hits you after your run, you've done something for you that no one can take away.
Same goes for yoga.
It's not about the postures I can do (or can't do) or some imaginary check mark for attending a class. And let me tell you - as awesome as yoga is, it's also really humbling. It's the point that no matter what has gone on in my day I can go in there and let it all go. I love that. And I come home happier. And I sleep.
The other day, one of my teachers said (and I wish I had the direct quote) to stop waiting for happiness to come or looking back on a time that you were happy. Instead find happiness in the moment.
It's not easy, always. But, sometimes it's incredibly easy and you don't see it staring you in the face. Sure it comes in different forms. It can be my kids laughing, a chocolate cupcake (yesterday), a great run, a quiet afternoon, an amazing song on the radio, a good hair day, or even just a short line up at Starbucks.
Be Happy.

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