Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My summer vacation

I think I took a blogging break there.
We kind of took a break from everything. Well, not work, but anything structured went out the window. My kids spent 2 months with no planned activities. Their days were centred around visits to the playground, eating popsicles, staying up late and watching tv.

Call me crazy, but when you're 2 and 6 that's how it should be.

Maybe if they'd wanted to go to a camp we would have looked into it, but anything I suggested to Matt was turned down.
No apologies here.
And Chloe ... she's 2.

She is driving us crazy, and I didn't particularly want to send her anywhere.

And, suddenly, September happened.
And we are back to schedules. And homework. And trying to remember to sign all the necessary forms and make sure Matt has all the stuff he needs for school.

He's ready.
I'm not.
But I don't have much say.

You just do it.
One of the highlights of this summer for me was watching my kids play with their cousins.

It's a 5-minute drive to my sister's place. In a way I take it for granted. But, not really.
We chose our house, and the fact it was so close to my sister played a role in that.
We have spent the summer having sleepovers, playdates, drop-by's you name it.
I don't think any of the parents think twice about disciplining the kids (i.e. "Matt. Stop.") nor do the kids really differentiate between us much of the time.
It's not unusual to find Matt playing lego in my sister's bedroom or Kyla watching Camp Rock in my living room.

I've loved watching my younger niece, Paige (5) hanging out with Matt (6). We had a sleepover the other night and I came upstairs to what I thought was 2 sleeping kids. Instead they were reading a book together, and laughing at the jokes.
It was late. I probably should have told them to go to sleep.
But instead I went back downstairs, and remembered that it's those moments that make summer special.
Maybe next year I'll put my kids in camp.
But this summer was just what they needed.
No pressure.
Lots of laughing.

And enjoying being kids.

So ... how was your summer?

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SciFi Dad said...

Some days I wish we had family closer, but then I remember why I moved here in the first place.

Our summer wasn't scheduled TOO much (remember, it's all relative; you know my wife). One week of dance camp for my daughter and a brief visit to The Falls. Otherwise, lots of hanging out, like yours.