Monday, March 15, 2010

Not to Sound Cryptic

Sometimes I need to get over myself.
I need to get out of my head and realize that just because I don't agree with the opinion of someone else, it doesn't mean I don't like that person.
Or that they don't have something to bring to the table.
Last week I asked someone a question. My question was sincere. But, I wanted to know how 2 people could have such a completely different outlook on one particular issue.
My question - it was answered honestly, and more importantly, sincerely. And even though we will most likely never agree on the topic in question, I can say that I've learned something.
I've learned that discussion has merit. And I've discovered that you can disagree on one huge issue and still respect the opinion of someone else.
Cryptic much?
Care to weigh in on a discussion?
I'm fascinated by this story.

PS I changed the look of my blog. It's not great - but that's what happens when I play around and delete my template. Oh well ... I guess it's time for a change anyway.


SciFi Dad said...

The thing is, you don't have to like the people you disagree with, but you do have to respect them, regardless of your opinion of their idea.

Anonymous said...

There's a spelling error in your tag line. I think you mean "one" misadventure - not "on"

Otherwise, I like the look! The heels thing... I don't know, it didn't really suit you. It was very "chic lit" and I don't think you're like that. Cheers.

Laural Dawn said...

Thanks, Anonymous.
Yep - it was supposed to be one.
And ... the shoes. I loved them, and I love shoes. But I needed a change.

don't_bet_on_the_prince said...

Interesting but one-sided article. I guess since Powell doesn't have any children, she wouldn't be familiar with possible ramifications on the family, as a whole - rather than just the 'relationship' with the partner.

So, which marriage would have a better chance of lasting through infidelities? One where the partners only have to consider themselves and their spouse, or a marriage/relationship in which a cheating partner has to work through improving and healing bonds with their children after they have cheated?

Laural Dawn said...

Don't Bet:
I agree it's one sided. I think that was the point.
Having said that, as much as I love Julie, I don't agree that having an affair benefits a marriage.
In her case I think that it revealed a lot of cracks in her marriage, and I think this was the way that she fixed things.
But, she's been pretty clear in interviews that she's not suggesting that an affair fixes things.
In answer to your question - I have no idea which marriage would last better - kids or no kids.
That's a tough question and I'm no expert on it.
In a way I don't think kids have that much to do with the survival of things. Maybe you're more willing to work through it for the sake of the kids? But, then, maybe the stresses of parenthood would push you to that extreme? But then, if you don't have kids I guess you have more flexibility to play around?
Don't know.
I do know that she can only write from her experiences. As we can.
I do find it fascinating that she's one person and so many people (not implying you) feel that her writing can cause the destruction of the institution of marriage.