Friday, September 18, 2009

In which I Somehow Compare Rebecca Eckler and Mitch Joel

Pictures ... links ... talking about twitter ... Clearly I was at at internet event last night.

I have a mommy blog. I blog about my life and my kids. About my love of shoes and crushes on my hairstylist.
I tweet about that stuff to.
That's not all there is to me. But for me writing about all of that is enjoyable. If a pretty pair of shoes makes me smile, well this is the space for that.
So, while those are things that tend to define my writing, here's a confession that may surprise you.
I am completely fascinated, awed and inspired by a blogger-writer-marketer that I recently discovered.
I will freely admit that I love reading Oprah's magazine, think Rebecca Eckler is the best writer ever and love the movie Bring It On.
So when I say the name Mitch Joel - it should kind of throw you for a loop. Really. It should.
He writes about social media. And about personal brand. And about being an entrepreneur.
And here's a confession - I discovered him at a convention on special event planning, and I almost skipped his keynote speech because I thought it may be boring (sorry!). But, at work I've been really trying to spearhead a social media initiative. So I went. And OMG! This guy is amazing. I was enthralled.
In fact from the moment he started talking I was hooked. As in I stopped checking my blackberry and whispering to my friend and sat for a full hour listening to what he had to say about social media, personal branding and how it is all tied together.
And then I learned he was releasing a book - which I am reading and loving. (and side note, when I went to buy his book there was totally a line-up of 3 of us to buy it. At the same store where there was no line-up for the latest Twilight release ... so, go Mitch)
And he has a blog.
And he's on twitter and facebook. (and bonus points - he has replied to my tweets and friended me on Facebook which may make me an internet stalker, but then he totally told me to comment on his blog, so clearly I do not have the stalker look about me. Thank god.)
And then ... he had a book launch. And I managed to get invited, and brought someone I work with (who has a far greater grasp of social media than I do). And I totally went and introduced myself to Mitch. Who was really quite lovely.
And I had a typical Laural moment of starting to talk, and then realizing halfway through that I could not stop talking. Oops. But, apparently the moment wasn't so bad because then I went home and added him as a friend on facebook, and he friended me back. So clearly I did manage to STOP THE FLOW OF WORDS fairly quickly. Thank goodness.
And then I realized today I needed to blog about all his wonderful goodness.
So. Go get the book. You'll thank me. It's a little slower than say, my favourite book of all time.
And, since I keep comparing the two, here is what goes on in my head.

The Great Rebecca/Mitch Comparison
(like Julia & Julia without the food. or not really, but funny to me)
Rebecca - author of mommy books. Made me laugh. Made me cry. Made me stop panicking about whether I suck at being a mom
Mitch - author of social media books. Made me laugh. Kind of made me panic that I suck at the internet
Rebecca - Is all about her personal brand
Mitch - obsessively talks about personal brand
Rebecca - Went to her book launch. Could not stop talking then burst into tears because I was amazed by her awesomeness.
Mitch - Went to his book launch. Again could not stop talking but wisely did not burst into tears despite his awesomeness
Rebecca - Amazing fashion sense. If I were her friend I would totally ask her to take me shopping (I mean, in my head we are totally friends.).
Mitch - he seems to wear a lot of black. Despite my facebook friend status (one of about 3500 friends) I'm pretty sure I'll stick to listening to his social media advice and skip asking for fashion advice.

So, where does that leave us?
Oh - just go buy the book. It's good. And while you're at it, stock up on Rebecca's books to.


Mitch Joel said...

I've always considered Twitter "permission-based stalking."

It was great meeting you too and thanks for the kind words and for making me laugh (LOL actually).

And yes, I only wear black... makes it easier to get dressed in the dark and pack for those early morning flights :)

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

SciFi Dad said...

OK I got this book as part of a promotion I did but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Now I think it will move to the front of the queue.