Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soooo Exciting!

So, have you seen it?

Of course I'm excited about this ... it's Rebecca Eckler's new book "Toddlers Gone Wild".
Here's the truth, I haven't read the whole book yet. It's a quick read, but like all good books, I'm hesitant to read it too quickly because then I will be done.
But so far, I'm LOVING this book.
It's funny. And it's quirky in a good way. And, since when I do get a chance to read I'm interrupted by a baby who needs to nurse or a 4 year old who wants to discuss Buzz Lightyear, the fact that it's all short sections is fantastic.
And, of course I love it even more than I would have anyway because my son, yep my son (!), is quoted in it. Adorable.
My confession. I've been sick since the weekend, but yesterday I was super sick - like shivering, high fever kind of sick, and so today I decided to not make any plans to do anything but sit at home, chill with Chloe and finish reading my book.
Can anyone think of a better day? Well, actually, a better day would be doing that without still sniffling, coughing and having a fever. But, whatever. Perfection.


SciFi Dad said...

That's awesome that he's quoted in it. So cool.

sam said...

I saw it at Indigo but got a different one instead, now I may have to go back!

Sorry your sick - can the two of you sit outside at least - sucks to be stuck inside on the nicest day of the year so far (trust me, I know. I'm at WORK.)

citygirl said...

Very cool about your son being quoted in a book! LOVE it!!

For sure, try to sit outside for a little bit - the fresh air will be good for you. I only got a smidge of fresh air at lunch when running across the street & back and I was so sad to come indoors :(

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I just finished reading that book and it was great! Have you finished it yet?