Friday, November 02, 2007

My Mathemetician

We're discovering something kind of neat about Matthew lately.
He's really into numbers.
He loves counting and telling us numbers. If he sees a number (i.e. #1) on a parking spot he always has to stop to tell us which number it is. If he sees a number comprised of 2 numbers (i.e. #98) he will say 9 then 8 and ask us what number it is.
And lately, he has been asking us math questions. He continuously asks what "x+x" is. He starts with easy ones that he kind of knows. Like, he'll ask 1+1 and then we will help him figure it out. And then he'll start to ask harder things like 25 + 8.
It's like he's absolutely fascinated by how it all works.
I don't exactly think he's a math genius. After all, he can't figure the questions out. But, it's pretty neat to see the wheels spinning, and to find out what his next question will be.
The weird thing to me is that he has no interest in letters. He knows some, obviously, from daycare. He knows that his letter is M, and he knows a few others. But, for him it's all about the numbers.
It makes me wonder if this is somehow foreshadowing what his interests will be as he gets older, or if it's just the way he's learning.
Personally, I was reading when I was around his age. And, I've always loved reading and writing. I believe this started very young. Of course my parents encouraged me by reading to me, but I really wanted to learn for myself.
I'm not about to decide that this should make him some sort of banker/investment analyst, etc - but I am looking forward to seeing if he continues on this math fascination or not.

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Teena said...

I was (and still am!) more of a reader than a math whiz. But where did that get me??!! :)