Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Guess what we realized today?
Halloween is coming up. As in, it's right around the corner. And I am not yet prepared!
This would not be a big deal for many people, but because Halloween is pretty much the only time I get out my sewing machine I need to plan ahead. And, I'm not the best sewer which means that I may end up re-stitching the costume a few times.
So I decided to ask Matt what he wants to be for Halloween.
The answer is he wants to be either Lightning McQueen or our New VAN!

I decided to look up Lightning McQueen costumes online. Guess what? They suck. And they are expensive to buy. I refuse to buy a crappy costume for $40 when I can get a cool light up Spiderman costume at Costco for $30.
And you see, this is why I will make it. The problem is, in the past Matt has been easy going. He was Eeyore one year and that costume was a relatively easy pattern.
But a vehicle?
I am clueless.
So, now we have to implement a plan of attack.
I'm thinking of trying to change his mind. For some reason he's really into pirates. So, I'm thinking that maybe I will try to convince him to go the pirate route and see if I could make that.
Or, maybe I'll search the internet and come up with something even neater.
All I know is that I LOVE halloween. I'm trying to come up with something for me!!! And, of course I'm taking the day off.
LOVE Halloween!!!!


LoriD said...

My daughter always comes up with crazy stuff too. At some point, I'll post some pics of some that I've made. When she was four, she insisted she wanted to be Thomas the Tank Engine. It was like the Lightening McQueen car in the picture, except homemade from a cardboard box and paint. It looked pretty good. I finally threw it out over the winter because the kids had pretty much destroyed it after a couple of years of play!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Good for you! YOu see, this is where I feel like a bit of a failure because I don't make the bunny's costumes!
We lucked out last year and hit a bunch of clearance costumes--cute ones, I might add. I am going to ask her to choose from one of those for this year. Maybe next year when she's a bit older (and smarter), she'll tell me what she wants to be and in that case--I just might have to get creative--sewing machine, I don't know...maybe not the time to learn how to sew!

AndreAnna said...

My mother is "The Halloween Lady" in her neighborhood, so Halloween has always been a big deal in our house.

This year, the whole fam is going to be pirates.


max said...

How cute is it that he wants to be your van!?!
I have often hoped and planned to sew costumes, but I am usually the mom who runs to the store the afternoon of the 31st and hopes to finds something left-or makes the kids fashion their own costumes from our dress up boxes.
The closest I came to sewing a costume was the Lord of the Rings year, I loosely fashioned some robes with sissors and a little hand sewing and some hobbit feet out of pantyhose, fun fur and stuffing and elastic(oh I sewed toes into those)
Good luck on changing his mind!

Kristen said...

sorry I was signed in as my son I guess:)(max)

Teena said...

Whatever he goes as, I bet he'll be cute!

Don't come by our place. We are those nasty people who don't come home until all the trick or treaters have come back.

Terri said...

This is my first time here. Funny how I came across it while searching for Lightning mcqueen costume ideas, as I was thinking of making one for my son too! I am thinking that it will be a challenge, and I am not sure if I am up for it but I am into HALLOWEEN as much as you by the sounds of it. SO if your interested, we could brainstorm together :)

Amy said...

Hey Laural,
I'd go with the box idea too! I think that would work best.
You could get a small box and use that for the 'roof and windshield' part and have it be like a helmet for him so he could see out. Maybe get some plastic wrap to come down for the eyes of McQueen?
You could make his hands and feet into the tires too! More cardboard. and then a bigger box for the main body of the car! It could work, and be super cool! Ka'Chow!

Haley-O said...

How is halloween right around the corner? I haven't even GIVEN BIRTH YET! ;)

beck said...

Hey - what if matty is peter pan and Kyla goes as tinkerbell? Paige could be in a nighty as wendy! We could dress Mike up as a big dog and he could be NANA!!!!!

shay said...

I stumbled upon your blog and now am stressing about Halloween. YIKES! We're just starting school - help! I can't think about Halloween yet lol.

Although my little candy lovers have mentioned it.

I am NOT the greatest, Martha-est of mom's so... we end up searching through our dress up bin the day or two before and seeing what still fits lol.

Good luck! I'd steer towards a pirate too.