Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tooth Fun ...

I didn't mean to leave everyone hanging on the tooth front.
It turned out that the pain I was experiencing was from 2 teeth. The top and bottom molars. I thought it was the bottom of my mouth that was hurting. When they asked that's what I told them, but the hygeniest looked in my mouth and said we should probably x-ray the top and the bottom.
Which they did.
The bottom was a cavity. It was kind of deep and so they filled it right away. (a temporary filling). The top is bad news. The tooth is eroded. It's pretty gross. So I have to have it (WARNING - only look if you have a strong stomach) extracted. TONIGHT!
Actually, he would have extracted it right there. Except. I was shaking way too much. And, I was alone. So I get to go back tonight.
Thank God for Ativan. And ice packs. And Tylenol 3.
The funniest part was when he said to me that the bad news is that I have to take the tooth out. The good news is that I'm only afraid of the drill - not copious amounts of blood. Nice.
Have I mentioned it took me weeks to get over my wisdom teeth removal. Uggggh.


SciFi Dad said...

Ouch! I'm one of the rare few who has his wisdom teeth fully grown in (enough with the "big mouth" jokes) so I have no idea what you're in for, but it sounds remarkably unpleasant.

Good luck, and hopefully you enjoy Jello and rice pudding. :)

sam said...

Ugh. I hope it goes well.

Mike had a similar issue last week with his wisdom tooth. It was abscessed and needed to be removed ASAP. He had it pulled on Friday and he's back to work today!

AndreAnna said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hate the dentist and anything mouth related. Good luck!

Steph said...

All the best with your dentist appointment today. Hopefully you'll start feeling better soon :-)

MamaLee said...

You poor thing! Heal fast!!! xoxo

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

OMG--of ALL the people for this to happen to. I'm so sorry, Laural! I wish I lived closer and I would bring you over some homemade pudding and smoothies galore (low fat, don't worry!).
I'm thinking of you. You are such a strong person--I know you can do this!