Saturday, June 30, 2007

As If ...

I think I jinxed myself yesterday by saying how good life is.
Because when I got home my tooth started aching. It had been bugging me, but by 7:30 last night I was in severe pain. Of course on the Friday of a long weekend no dentist in Burlington was at their office. I was flipping through the yellow pages and calling that had emergency service. And no one answered.
Then I finally discovered a phone number. It's very cool. It's the emergency dentist hotline. One dentist is always on call. So, I reached a very friendly dentist.
He went through all of my symptoms with me. And, he explained to me that not only was he convinced that I had a tooth infection, but that if I had a cold that had been around a couple of weeks and then my teeth were really hurting, my body was probably fighting an infection.
So this morning I'm going to go get my problem solved.
I've been told to get there for 9:30 and since my cousin's wedding is today he will have me out by 1.
Have I mentioned I'm terrified of the dentist? I'm squeamish. It hurts. I'm cranky. And I wanted to spend time looking pretty for the wedding, not having my teeth drilled.
I am very grateful that I have fantastic dental coverage so I should get reimbursed for some of this appointment. And, I'm grateful that the dentist could squeeze me in today.
I'm just really hoping this does not mean a root canal. Because that will do me in. (and I'm going all alone and I need moral support for root canals.)
Wish me luck. Stupid Teeth.
PS I love this quote:
Germaine Greer - "The essence of pleasure is spontaneity."

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Steph said...

How did it go? I'm with you on hating the dentist something fierce..I was forced to go to my dentist on Friday after it appeared that my wisdom tooth was coming in despite the fact that I'm already 26. While I was waiting for my xray I broke out in hives in the waiting room thinking about the possibility of having to have it pulled.