Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas Holidays that Aren't

Don't worry.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Really. I'm not.
It's just that I'm wishing I'd taken a little more Christmas Vacation. Actually, that's not completely true. I think I'm jealous of my son.
See ...
My dad is a principal and so he is on vacation. And he and my mom have been taking Matthew out of daycare (not for the full day) to do fun things.
Like yesterday they picked him up early and went to the playgroud.
Today they are taking him skating.
Which is awesome. I love that I have parents who will do this. And, I love that I have a daycare that is cool with Matt's grandparents picking him up.
But, I'm kind of jealous. I want to be skating today. And leaving early to watch Oprah. And going shopping. Fun stuff.
But, it's been not so bad at work. I've made a concerted effort to take lunch - and today I'm going with some friends who I never get to go for lunch with. And we're going to the snazzy salad restaurant (okay, one BFAW and I are going, the other is getting her usual Teriyaki - but we will sit together). So it's not all bad.
I just feel like Christmas this year was way too short.
Maybe next year we'll go on a Disney Cruise. That sounds super fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Christmas does go by so fast !! You blink and it's over.
A Disney Cruise sounds awesome !! We want to do that also, once our little guy gets a little older so he remembers it.

Anonymous said...

This BFAW was very happy to have had lunch w/ you yesterday! I'd say the Disney Cruise sounds great - but i'd be lying. For someone w/out sounds horrifying. ;)

Amanda said...

Disney Cruise sounds too fun! I was thinking myself that one year we should go away for the holidays, no worries about travelling to family OR preparing meals!
How did Matt like skating? Do you have those metal tie on skates? How did that work?