Thursday, September 28, 2006

So much going on ... where to start?

It's been busy lately. You can probably tell from my lack of blogging activity. It's just been one of those weeks when you just don't seem to have the time ...

The big thing in Matt's life this week has been the transition to preschool. This is the first time he has transitioned to an older age group. I know that he changed daycares, but he's always been in a toddler room. So, it's pretty much the same. Preschool is a whole different ball game.

The big thing for him is that it is much more structured. My child is not terribly structured. Consistency is a good thing for him. He likes nap time at the same time, lunch and dinner at the same time, etc. But, being asked to sit in one place and all of that is kind of tough for him. So, the preschool teacher has noticied he's struggling to get into the routine of sitting still for circle time (it's longer than in the toddler room). I get that. And, I've seen him maturing and growing. So, I know he will adjust pretty quickly. But still.

And, in about 2 weeks he will start all out toilet training. They think he's ready for underwear (yay?) but because he's changing his routine they don't want to push it. Okay. But at the same time tonight we got him and I said it was time for a fresh diaper and Matt said "No Potty."

Sure. whatever. Works for me.

Another thing with this whole transition is what you do for the teachers. I bought cards. I know it's not the best thing. But, truthfullly we were going to get gifts, but these are women who are not easy to buy for. I'm debating buying them a box of chocolate, but I don't know. I just feel like I hardly know them anymore.

At the last daycare I agonized over the teacher gifts at Christmas and when we moved. But, his teachers were young and cool. And, they hadn't gotten all of the mugs and stuff. For the record, at Christmas I went a little overboard. I got nice gift certificates from the Gap, and then some teas and chocolate and stuff and put them in nice cellophane wrapped boxes. It was very Martha Stewart of me - and I am so not crafty. I even had Matt paint ornaments that had a place for his picture. It was impressive. When we moved, we were pretty upset. So, we had Matt paint a mug at the ceramics places (very cool if you've never done it). And we gave that to Christine. She cried. It was cute. But, she was young and hadn't gotten gifts like this before so it was meaningful.

Anyway, we're sticking with cards.

Bye Bye Toddler room. My big boy is moving on.

And, yay! His new teacher - so cool!

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