Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Break from the Mommy Posts because ...

Tonight is the first episode of my favourite reality show ... America's Next Top Model!!!
Some people think I'm crazy. I know it's a trashy show. In fact, I don't even like Tyra Banks. Really, I don't.
But, I love the show.
I don't know why. I just get so into it.
I love the cat fights and the anxiety. And I always end up cheering for one person to win. For instance, in the one where Nicole one - I picked her from the beginning. Seriously. But, last time I was not happy with the winner. Whatever.
It starts again tonight. Yippee!

And, in new from last night's Parent advisory committee. It was interesting. And weird. And fun in a way.
I think the goal of the committee is to have music classes for the kids and also yoga classes for the kids. I think Matt would LOVE the yoga. It means lots of fundraising. But, that's fine.
I also had a really nice chat with some people. His preschool teacher was there and I think she's amazing. She's fun and relaxed and we talked for awhile. I can't wait till I get to do pick ups in her room.
And then this other mom stopped me to tell me how much she loves Matt. She said that she was really nervous about putting her son in daycare, but that Matt was the first child who has ever just approached her son and played with him. This little boy's older sister is autistic, and so obviously the playing dynamic between her kids is a little unusual. So, this was a pretty big deal that he was welcomed into the class.


Her Bad Mother said...

I happen to LOVE ANTM. LOVE IT.

Highlight of my week this week, that premiere, totally.

Haley-O said...

You know I love ANTM! Not a fan of Tyra, either. But, she's perfect on the show -- melodramatic, etc.. I can't think of anyone better for this show. ;) I love laughing at her.