Thursday, August 10, 2006

Simon Says ...

Last night we discovered that the geniuses in our lives (aka the daycare teachers) have taught Matty a very new and effective game.
Now we don't play it exactly as it is supposed to go. Matthew doesn't quite understand that if you say "Simon says touch your toes" that you touch your toes, but if you just say "Touch your toes" you don't do it cause Simon didn't say it. But, whatever.
Who cares?
We have found a new way to manipulate our child without the dreaded use of the word no which always sends him into a temper tantrum. (Note that we do say no frequently, but try to use other words when possible so No has a bigger impact).
Last night he hopped up on the coffee table, threw his hands out in front of him (a la 'jazz fingers' in the movie Bring it On, which by the way, I love) and shouted "Sirens".
Mike and I looked at each other perplexed and both said "Sirens??"
Then Matty says "Sirens - touch your head" and touched his head, delighted by his new game.
And then suddenly we got it. duh. Simon Says.
We looked at each other and wondered how much magic this new game would hold.
So we played along. We did things like:
"Simon says Dance" and he danced.
"Simon says Touch your nose" and he touched his nose.
And then Mike said "Simon says take your shoes off". Matthew jumped off the table and took off his shoes.
This worked for the entire bedtime routine.
It was amazing.
And, in 15 minutes he was in bed.


Michael said...

Simon Says:

What a great way to make them do your bidding! :)

ninepounddictator said...

Hey! I'm going to try that too!

You know what also kind of works (at least for me)

"I spy with my little eyes something that is blue!" (or whatever color.)

The Dictator can play that for, um, ten minutes, which, as you know, is a long time! And it's so cute to hear her say, "I spy with my little eyes..." in her baby voice!

Searaygal said...

That is a fabulous idea!
I suggest 'Simon says: Clean the condo' or 'Simon says: Mommy needs a latte'. What a great idea and way to keep everyone happy. :)

Its amazing how such little innocent ideas like that can make such a positive impact.

Very cool Laural!!!

Heather said...

Once Miles is old enough..I'm soo using that one.

Naomi said...

Child manipulation at its best. I LOVE it!!!

I can't wait until The Happy Boy is old enough to play. What a great idea!!!